Who we are...

The Sudden Impact Track Club is a competitive club in the State of New Jersey. We know that New Jersey has a rich history in Track and Field. So rich is that history that Track and Field could arguably be recogized as New Jersey's sport. But to purport to be a competitive club is more than a notion. We do wholeheartedly believe that every young person is a competitor at heart. Furthermore, we believe that every athlete can continually improve. Finally, we believe that every athlete can make an Impact at the National level. The aforementioned beliefs are all accompanied with diligent, intelligent and consistent work.


For the past few years, the Sudden Impact Track Club has supported both adult and youth competition. On the youth side, we take members from toddlers up to 18 years old. We feel that if you can walk...then you can run.


The Sudden Impact Track Club focus on those events requiring an eruption of the athlete's best effort. In other words, power events. To properly prepare for those "power" events and said eruption, we have learned that we best serve our athletes by laying a foundation of resistance and explosive training. This includes, but is not limited to, plyometric training, weight lifting in the club's weightroom, resistance bands, isolateral training, hill work and sled work.


Our definition of internal success is always measured from a PR reference. In other words, if the athletes continually break their personal record(s) and improve their performance, we celebrate that as a 'win'. It just so happens that we have external metrics as well. Each year we send >65% or our club to the National Championship meet where they compete against the best across the United States. We also see many of our alumni attend college as scholarship athletes.